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Diamond Trust Bank Uganda Limited (DTBU) was licensed by the Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda to conduct Bancassurance business until 31st December 2021 (two years) this came after applying a renewal and submitting the regulatory requirements in August 2019. Our license N: BC/0001/2020. Please note that framed copies have been distributed to all branches for display.

DTBU was granted the go-ahead to do Bancassurance business with two life insurance companies (Jubilee Life & ICEA Life) and three non-life insurance companies ( JIC, Alliance Africa General Insurance company & MUA Insurance company ltd.)

We welcome you to contact us for the following Life Assurance products:

This helps to secure the education needs of your pre-identified daughter or son for a minimum period of 5 years subject to premium payments either monthly, quarterly, semiannually and annually. A maturity value shall be paid at the end of the policy tenure
This is an investment plan which covers both protection and investment. Upon consistent premium payments for a period chosen by you, at maturity you will be paid benefits and bonuses accumulated
This is designed to provide you with an opportunity to build a fund as well as protect your loved ones in the event of eventuality. Therefore people who are more keen on return on investment compared to protection are advised to opt for this life assurance cover
This is a life assurance plan where the sum assured is paid at certain intervals during the term of the policy, and the balance of the sum assured together with accrued bonuses are paid at maturity of the policy
This policy secures redemption of an outstanding loan amount and interest thereon in an event of death, disability and critical ailment of a borrower
This policy secures death in service benefit for the employees. Thus once an employee dies while in service, the insurer has to pay a multiple of annual salary to the beneficiary through the employer