Super Salary Saving Account

-Salary processing and same day credit
-Mobile App
-Free  monthly E-statement
-Free I bank-View
-Valid identification(Uganda National ID or Passport)
-Initial deposit of Uganda Shillings 25,000 only
-Passport size photo
-Minimum balance of Uganda shillings 10,000 only
-ATM Card –one time cost Ushs 15,000
A low maintenance account that comes with a world of convenience loaded with special benefits and features to provide you a unique banking experience.
SUSASA Salaried Employees
Initial Deposit UGX 25,000
Minimum Balance UGX 10,000
ATM card –onetime cost UGX 15,000
Interest for balance above UGX 1 mn 0.5% per annum- to be applied monthly
I-Banking – VIEW Free
FCY Cash deposit above $5000 0.5%
Monthly charges UGX 1,000
Monthly App Free
Monthly E-statement Free
Monthly Charges for below minimum balance UGX 5,000
ATM transaction charges ( Deposit/withdrawal) UGX 600
Monthly remittance to home country( 1 per month) 50% concession
Salary Processing and same day credit Free