A savings account designed to teach children below eighteen years of age how to save. It helps parents / legal guardians to teach their children smart money habits as well as provide an opportunity for them to put away money for their children’s future.

  • Applicable Currency - UGX and USD
  • Target market - Children below 18 years of age
  • Account available in UGX and USD
  • Attractive interest rates
  • Free over-the-counter withdrawals
  • Flexibility to access your funds anytime and continue earning interest
Category UGX USD
Opening balance 50,000 10
Minimum account balance 25,000 10
Monthly management fees Free Free
Minimum balance to earn interest 100,000 50
Cash withdrawal over the counter 1 free per qtr. 1 free per qtr.
Each additional cash withdrawal over the counter 10,000 4
  • Interest earned on Savings held (Interest is calculated on average daily balances and credited monthly)
  • Pricing (is subject to change and is based on the current running Tariff Guide)

Fully filled in account opening form with the following as bare minimum.

  • Passport photo for both parent/guardian and the child
  • Passport photo for both parent/guardian and the child
  • Childbirth certificate or immunization card