The perfect children’s savings account to teach children and teenagers how to save. It’s designed to help parents  / legal guardians teach children below eighteen years of age smart money habits and as well an opportunity for them to put away money for their children’s future.

  • The account attracts monthly interest of 3% per annum for balances above UGX 1 Million.
  • The account comes with zero monthly administrative charges.
  • Mobile app access for parent or guardian free of charge.
  • Zero charges on piggy bank coin deposits
  • Initial deposit - zero
  • Interest for balance above UGX 1 million - 3% per annum
  • Minimum balance - N/A
  • Monthly charges - free
  • Monthly E-statement - free
  • Piggy bank (coin collection box), after funding the account - free
  • Piggy bank coin deposit by customer at branches - any working day
  • School fee collection - UGX 2,000
  • School fee drafts charges (any school) - UGX 5,000

Kindly refer to the latest Tariff Guide on the downloads page