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  1. The estimate provided is not a loan contract and is a non-binding approximation of the cost of a bank loan in an effort to help prospective borrowers estimate loan costs. If you are interested in a bank loan, you should contact us directly.
  2. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is the Total Cost of Credit (TCC) annualized and may vary from time to time;
  3. The external charges featured here are estimates on third party costs that are associated with the loan facility that you wish to apply for; and
  4. Please contact us for further details on the total cost of credit for the loan you wish to apply for.
Loan Estimate
Total Interest to be Paid (estimated)
UGX. 000,000,000
Total Amount to be Repaid
UGX. 000,000,000
Monthly Payment (estimated repayment amount)
UGX. 000,000,000
Annual Percentage Rate (APR estimate)
0 %
Loan Estimate

Facility Amount
Annual Interest Rate
Total Amount to be Repaid
Credit Required
Number of Repayments
Monthly Payment (estimated repayment amount)

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