dtb kids winner account

A caring parent’s way to teach his/her little one how to benefit from saving. This account is ideal for kids, to inculcate the habit of savings.

  • Free savings box
  • Free e-statements
  • Parents identification(Uganda National ID or Passport)
  • Copy of the child’s birth certificate/immunization card
  • Initial deposit of Uganda Shillings 25,000 only.
  • Passport size photo of Parent and Child
SVSFLC School children – Upto 18 years
Initial Deposit UGX 25,000
Minimum Balance UGX 10,000
Piggy Bank (coin collection box) Free
Interest for balance above UGX 1 mn 3% per annum- to be applied monthly
Piggy bank coin deposit Any number of times in a month
Monthly charges Free
Mobile App ( Parent’s phone) Free
Monthly E-statement Free
Monthly Charges for below minimum balance UGX 2,000
School Fee Drafts charges(any school) UGX 3,000
School Fee collection UGX 2,000
Daily Forex Alert Free