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DTB was the first to introduce the Mastercard Platinum Credit Card on the market. Every one of us lives their way with different expenses and tastes.

The Mastercard Platinum Credit Card offers the best personal service and hand-picked privileges to customers.

The services attached to the card give customers access to a range of services MyUs premium membership, purchase protection and access to a unique collection of experiences, offers in over forty cities and countries around the world among others.

  • Worldwide recognition and acceptance
  • Customized offers from Mastercard that include Mastercard buy 1 get 1 offer, purchase protection, exclusive offers in over forty cities worldwide and booking a round trip international air ticket or hotel
  • Employed individuals
    • Copy of payslip (last three months)
    • Copy of national ID or passport copy
    • Copy of TIN certificate
    • Certified bank statement (last six months) if not banking with DTB
    • Passport size photo
  • Self-employed individuals
    • Certificate of incorporation / registration
    • Copy of national ID or passport
    • Copy of TIN certificate (personal and business)
    • Company certified bank statement (last six months)
    • Passport size photo
    • Latest trading license (if applicable)
  • Security required:

    Based on financial security or the tenure of security by way of Fixed Deposit, amount block or other immovable property.

  • Cash withdrawal charges using Credit Card (Not encouraged) - 5% of amount of withdrawal
  • Charges, if payment made within due date - Free
  • Delayed payment beyond due date - 5% per month
  • Interest on balance after making part payment of minimum 10% - 3% per month
  • Joining fee for 3 years - UGX 100,000
  • Annual Subscription - UGX 100,000
  • Supplementary card charges for 3 years - UGX 50,000
  • Temporary limit enhancements during travel etc - UGX 100,000
  • Excess over card - limit 5% of excess, Min UGX 20,000
  • Unpaid cheque charges to clear credit card outstanding balance - UGX 100,000
  • Re-issue of card/replacement/renewal - UGX 50,000
  • Minimum repayment - 15%, Min UGX 100,000
  • Single transaction limit increment - UGX 100,000