As the primary cardholder, you can have additional credit cards issued for your spouse, other family members or other designated persons. Visit your nearest DTB branch and fill out a supplementary card application.

If you have questions or need assistance, please call DTB customer service support on 0800242242 or send an email to this email address:

Yes, the DTB 24/7 application has multiple layers of security protection, making it just as secure as using your DTB physical card today. Your mobile account information is secure as it is encrypted and safely stored. For added security, DTB also provides you with the option to lock the DTB 24/7 App application with your own personal passcode.

For more information on products and services other than accounts, such as Cash Management Services, Corporate Banking Facilities, and Trade Finance you can visit the website and click on Business Customers to get detailed information or visit your local DTB branch. You may also send mail to

If your credit / debit card is lost, stolen or retained by a machine, please call DTB Card Centre immediately toll-free 080242242 or visit your nearest DTB branch for immediate assistance

If you have forgotten your debit card PIN to access ATM’s, please visit your nearest DTB branch. You will need to present two pieces of valid identification at the branch (photo identification is preferred).

Alternatively, you can contact the DTB Centre on toll-free 0800 242 242

For withdrawals:

  • UGX 600 each time a DTB cardholder uses a DTB ATM that displays the Visa symbol
  • UGX 1,500 each time a DTB cardholder uses an interswitch ATM
  • UGX 5,000 each time a DTB cardholder uses a non-DTB ATM that displays the Visa symbol

For credit card cash advances, a cash advance fee applies for each withdrawal and interest is charged from the date the advance is taken.

The default cash withdrawal limit is UGX 2,000,000. To increase this, please visit your nearest branch and fill in the relevant form to request the increase in limit.

Any charge on your account that you do not believe is valid can be disputed. Keep in mind that time is crucial when attempting to dispute an invalid charge, so you must notify DTB of the transaction immediately. Examples of disputed charges can include, but are not limited to:

  • Unauthorised transactions
  • Charges for goods and/or services not received
  • Charges for goods returned where a credit has not been processed by the merchant
  • Duplicate charges
  • Charges processed for the wrong amount

To ensure that you only pay for transactions that you authorised:

  • Check your credit card statements and purchase amounts against merchant transaction receipts, and report any unrecognised or questionable charges to DTB immediately
  • Carefully check your credit card statement to identify any charges you do not recognize or other irregularities or errors
  • Ensure all authorised users review their transactions for irregularities or errors

Retain all credit card transaction receipts and/or agreements, merchant contracts or other documentation you may have to reconcile your charges on your credit card statement (this information may be required as supporting documentation for disputes for up to six months from the date the goods or services were purchased or expected to be delivered).

If there is a charge on your credit card statement that you do not recognise (or an error or other irregularity), you must notify DTB immediately by way a signed letter attached with the statement highlighting the discrepancy and submit it to the nearest DTB branch. Please call DTB Credit Card services on 0800242242 as soon as possible with the transaction details including the transaction date, description of the transaction and the date of the statement.  The phone number 0800242242 is a toll-free number.

A primary DTB credit cardholder can inquire about the available credit card balance, available credit and last credit card payment by calling the DTB customer service support on 080242242. Assistance is available Monday to Saturday 8am to 8pm and Sunday 10am to 2pm.

Note: statements are normally sent out twenty days before the due date either by the postal or email address provided.

Visit your nearest branch and complete a standard replacement debit card form to get a replacement debit card.

You must be registered for online banking to view account balances online. Once you have logged in to online banking through the website you will click on process, then account balance inquiry, select the account from the drop-down and click to view or download the balance.

There are no additional costs for e-Statements as long as you are signed up for DTB’s online banking

When signing in to DTB’s Online Banking, you must first be registered for the service which can be done at your local DTB branch. If you are registered for the service and are having problems accessing it, remember that your password is case sensitive and may contain upper- or lowercase letters, numbers, or a combination. If you still cannot sign in contact or call us on 080242242 and the team will advise.

For information on DTB’s online banking, you can visit the electronic banking link on this website or visit your local DTB branch. To register / apply for DTB online banking, you’ll need your visit your nearest DTB branch and fill out an electronic banking application form.

To make your account a joint account visit your local DTB branch and ensure that the individual you want to make a secondary account holder brings two pieces of acceptable identification with them i.e the ID / passport and photograph. Both parties must be present at the branch to make the account joint. It is not possible to make a DTB account joint via online banking or telephone banking.

If you have questions about making your account joint, about removing someone from a joint account or about other changes to the status on a joint account you already hold, please call DTB customer service support on the toll-free line 0800 242242. Assistance is available Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm and Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm.

To open a DTB bank account, visit the DTB branch closest to you to fill out the actual account opening forms. The basic information required to open an account includes:

  • Valid identification document(s) e.g. national ID and passport for foreign nationals
  • At least one passport size photograph
  • Introduction by at least one person who is either, an account holder who has satisfactorily maintained a current account with DTBU for at least twelve months and above, or a person of high integrity / repute in the country, or a member of the management team, or known employer, or the LC Letter
  • Sketch map of a physical address supported by either a utility bill, tenancy agreement, LC 1 introduction letter with photo, Introduction by a known employer
  • Form W-9 if the client is a US person

Once you have adequately filled the details on the form and provided the above, your account is opened and ready to operate immediately.

If you move, you should contact us to ensure that you continue to receive your statements through the mail. You must change your address information with DTB in person at any DTB branch. Joint account holders should update their information separately, if both are moving.

You can find information on the account charges and all fees on the website by accessing the DTB Tariff Guide under the downloads section.

If you have questions or need assistance completing your registration, please visit the nearest Branch.

Visit your local DTB branch for information on foreign currency exchange rates or visit our Forex section on our mobile app. To obtain historical or current foreign exchange rates, please contact DTB’s Treasury Section on +256314387164, +256314387162, and +256314387160 for assistance.

Note: We are only able to provide you with an indication rate over the phone as the exchange rate is subject to change at any time during the course of the day

In order to request a wire transfer you will need to contact the nearest DTB branch where you’re Money can be transferred from DTB to most financial institutions. To complete the wire transfer you will need to provide DTB with:

  • The full name, address (including city / province / state and country) and account number of the business or person that you are sending money to.
  • The full name and address (including city / province / state and country) of the financial institution receiving the funds.
  • The amount and currency of the transfer.

Note: To receive a wire transfer from within Uganda to your DTB bank account, you must provide the initiating financial institution with your bank, branch and account numbers. The bank number for DTB Uganda is 019, the branch code has three digits and your account number has ten digits.

Visit the Locate us page and search for DTB Branches based on locations closest to you