Business Loan

We look upon ourselves as equal partners to the broad ambitions of small, medium, and large regional organizations, helping them to grow organically as well as inorganically.

If you are a business owner we can avail you a loan to buy equipment, build premises or anything that can move your business from A to B or even to Z.

Grow and expand your business with affordable business loans to finance short and long-term business needs. We have loans that can be paid to a maximum of sixty months.

Description Amount over the duration of the loan in sixty months
Interest - (payable interest is 22%, calculated on a declining balance basis, and at a variable rate.) Total interest paid: 117,926,114
Administrative fees of 200,000,022 per two years 2,000,000
Insurance 400,000
Security-related charges 40,000
Legal 25,000
Total cost of credit 123,226,114
  • National identity card
  • Certificate of registration (if proprietor or partnership)
  • Latest bank statements for the last six months
  • Copy of LOF and account status in respect of loans / other facilities from other banks if any
  • Security details:
    • Write-ups, plans and projections justifying need supported by information and repayment capacity
    • If FD, details of fixed deposit
    • If property, copy of title, copy of valuation report, details of the property, guarantor’s details if any
    • If secured by other securities (e.g TBills etc)- customer to provide the security details
  • Certificate of incorporation company
  • National identity card
  • Certified copy of memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Certified copy of the resolution authorising borrowing from DTB audited accounts for the last three years together with copy of the latest management accounts
  • Financial projections and plans for the business i.e. cash flow month by month for the next twelve months
  • Copies of bank account statements for the last twelve months latest annual returns & filing receipt
  • Company profile
  • Write-ups, plans and projections justifying need supported by business information