product term

DTB Fixed Deposits are placements for a fixed contracted period currently ranging from one month to one year to DTB account holders. They earn interest at attractive rates thus providing customers with long-term savings growth opportunities. The bank also offers call deposits that can be opened for a minimum of period of seven days and can be liquidated as and when required.

  • Attractive interest rates pegged to prevailing market rates funds available on demand (call deposits)
  • Funds on fixed deposit can be used as security against advances
  • Duration - month / quarter / year
  • Opening account balance - UGX 5,000,000 (the equivalent in other currencies)
  • Minimum balance - equivalent in other currencies
Percentage of interest payable upon premature closure of Fixed Deposit Interest receivable % chargeable on accrued interest
Interest - payable interest is 22%, calculated on a declining balance basis, and at a variable rate. Total interest paid: 117926114  
Interest to be earned for period 0 to 30 days nil UGX 100
Interest to be earned for period 31 to 90 days nil UGX 92
Interest to be earned for period 91 to 180 days nil UGX 90
Interest to be earned for above 180 days negotiable negotiable