Treasury Bills and Bonds

As a registered primary dealer with Bank of Uganda, we offer individuals, groups and companies an opportunity to investment in treasury bills / bonds and earn competitive returns.

Treasury bills (T-Bills) are short-term risk-free investments that are issued for a period of either ninety-one, one hundred and eighty-two and three hundred and sixty-four days. The rate of return is usually more competitive than fixed deposits but dependent on the liquidity condition in the market.

Treasury bonds (T-Bonds) on the other hand are long-term investments that are issued with maturities of two, three, five and ten years. Payouts on treasury bonds are made every six months.

  • Risk-free investment
  • Affordable Investment option since the minimum amount required is UGX. 100,000
  • Option to sell in portions or as a whole in the secondary market
  • Option to buy any of the issued government securities from DTB as a primary dealer
  • For first time investors, visit any DTB branch and fill in the CSD account opening form
  • If you already have a CSD account, fill in the bid form

Fixed Deposit Account

Your future cash flows can give you a return. As you plan for long term investments or utilizations, fix your funds and earn interest in the interim.

  • Varying maturity term periods to suit customer needs
  • Option to get your Interest monthly
  • Investment option available in different currencies of UGX and USD
  • Competitive interest rate
  • Discounted borrowing rates should you use funds held as collateral
  • No transactional fee or monthly maintenance fees
  • Two passport photos
  • National ID or passport