Money Transfer Services

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DTB has partnered with Western Union, MoneyGram, Worldremit and Xpress Money allowing the bank to offer money transfer services for both send and pay out transactions. Note, the bank only offers receive services for Worldremit.

Services offered at DTB branches and sub-agent outlets include:

  • Transfer of money from outside the country into Uganda is payable at any DTB branch, sub-agent outlet or received directly into a DTB account outbound.
  • Transfer of money from within Uganda at a DTBU branch or its outlets is payable at any agent locations worldwide.
  • Transfer of money from one town to another within Uganda payable at a DTB branch or sub-agent outlet.
  • Send and receive money worldwide through reliable international money transfer service providers. Funds are available for pick-up within minutes
  • Track your money transfer through a secure website using MoneyGram

Remittance Services

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Our remittance service allows you to send money abroad or by international fund transfer to any bank account abroad. We have arrangements with major banks across the globe for fund transfers through the SWIFT mode, which ensures secure and safe remittance to any place of your choice.

Bankers cheque / draft - customers charges (UGX): 10,000
Bankers cheque / draft -  non-customers charges (UGX): 15,000
Cash deposit through Post Bank branches to DTB accounts 0.25% of the amount deposited
East African Payment System (EAPS) - Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda charges (UGX): 25,000
EFT inward / outward charges (UGX): 3,000
Other bank charges (for full amount of credit to beneficiary) actuals charged by correspondent banks
Remittance to India - any bank branches charges (UGX): 10,000
RTGS inward charges (UGX): 5,000
RTGS outward above UGX 100 Million charges (UGX): 25,000
RTGS outward up to UGX 100 Million charges (UGX): 20,000
SWIFT / TT ( any part of the world) above USD 50,000 charges (USD): 25
SWIFT / TT ( any part of the world) up to USD 50,000 charges (USD): 15