Diamond Trust Bank Uganda Limited was licensed by the insurance regulatory authority of Uganda to conduct Bancassurance business until 31st December 2023. This came after applying for a renewal and submitting requirements in August 2021. Our license no. BC/0012/2022.

DTBU is conducting Bancassurance business with 3 Life insurance companies (Jubilee Life Insurance, ICEA Life Assurance & UAP Old Mutual Life Insurance) and General Insurance business with Alliance Africa General Insurance, MUA Insurance Company & Jubilee General Insurance Company. Let us take care of all your Insurance Need in any of our branches across the country.

We welcome you to contact us for the following general insurance products:

This would cover property owned, rented, and held in trust by you against loss or damage caused by fire and allied perils. The property covered would include:
  • Furniture, fixtures, and fittings
  • Buildings
  • Tools and spares
  • Stocks
  • Profits, salaries of permanent staff, auditor’s fees, interest on loans, rent and other costs which you may incur in case you wish to cover yourselves against loss of income following the fire incident
Values of all movable assets such as stocks, furniture, tools, and spares. (declared value). Some items insured under this policy are such that it is not possible to envisage a total loss. In such a scenario, you can take out a first-loss policy where the sum insured is less than the total value at risk. This is the maximum amount that can be stolen at a single incident. Note that the value selected as the first loss sum will determine the maximum claim payable at a single time
This covers any accidental loss or damage including losses arising from burglary, floods, earthquake, riot and strikes and electrical damage for all your electronic equipment like computers, printers, graphic machines, fax machines, scanner, etc which are used exclusively within your premises. The values of the items must be given to determine the premium
This covers against accidental loss or damage including losses arising from fire, burglary, theft, flood, earthquake, riot and strikes on all valuable portable office items like laptops, cameras, and mobile phones which are not restricted to any premises
The maximum value of money likely to be
  • Banked at any time
  • Withdrawn from the bank at any time
  • With authorized employees or directors
  • On your premises during working hours
  • In safe after working hours and
  • The estimated annual transits
The new workers’ compensation act provides that employers must provide compensation to employees’ injuries. The injury or disease must arise out of and in the course of employment. This policy, therefore, covers all employees regardless of position and salary Benefits as per the worker’s compensation act 2000, are summarised as below
  • Death – 60 months’ earnings
  • Permanent total disablement – 60 months’ earnings
  • Permanent partial disablement – percentages as set out in the act of 60 months’ earnings, depending on the level of incapacity
  • Temporary disablement – the actual amount awarded having taken into account the period of disablement and financial loss suffered
  • Medical expenses – actual and reasonably spent but limited to shs1m
With a list of all your employees, permanent and casual, showing their designations and salary, we would be in a position to quote for this risk
The anticipated maximum claim a third party may put to you in case he suffers from bodily injury and or property damage while within your premises, plus the aggregate per event, and within a year
This covers against pecuniary loss to the insured caused by fraudulent acts of insured employees in connection with their occupation or duties. You are required to provide a list of employees handling money, their occupations, and the amount that each handles to enable us to make a quotation
Indemnify against accidental damage, fire, theft & legal liability to third parties arising out of use of the motor vehicles owned and/or operated by the insured
Since the workers’ compensation policy covers employees only during and in the course of employment, it’s recommended that the insured in addition takes a group personal accident cover to cover employees while off duty I.E. During the night. The group personal accident policy indemnifies the insured against accidental bodily injury, resulting in disablement or death. It also provides for reimbursement of medical expenses related to the accident with agreed limits
Covers all employees for their medical needs as per various limits We hope you will find the above information sufficient, and that you will provide the values for the various items under the classes of insurance that you would wish to take
All risks’ of physical loss and/or damage to the whole or part of the property declared in the course of transit by the means of conveyance declared. Including loading and unloading risks
Indemnity against all risks of physical loss or damage to the insured property as per institute cargo clauses (a) including the risks of strikes, riots and civil commotion, subject to standard exclusions
To provide compensation in case of any unforeseen and sudden physical damage to the insured Machinery by any cause not specifically excluded under the policy
To indemnify the insured against legal liability to pay damages for any omission, negligence or error committed by the insured employees of the insured in the course of their professional duties
With the emergence of global markets and increased integration of international resources, frequent global travel has become an integral part for executives of most of the corporate. Higher frequency of such travel also increases exposure to many risks. By means of extensive coverage and benefits, our travel insurance policy for corporate ensures that these perils do not come in the way your business few more policies may be specific to your requirement:
  • Boiler and pressure plant insurance
  • Industrial all-risk insurance
  • Consequential loss (fire) insurance
  • Machinery Loss of profit insurance
  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Erection all risk/contractor all-risk insurance
  • Contractor Plant and machinery insurance